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How do I do DI?

DI is not so much a program as a process. Teams of up to seven members work together to learn Creative Problem Solving tools and to apply them along with the team's particular talents to solve DI Challenges, otherwise known as a great practice drill for the challenges in real life! Participants will develop lifelong skills that carry over into everyday life - but most of all, they will have fun, discover talents they never knew they had, become friends with other young people they might not have ever met, and reap the rewards of teamwork and friendship as they grow and learn.

Every year there are new Central Challenges. Each team chooses one and works on solving it throughout the season (amongst doing other challenging things coaches will throw at you). Children are grouped by grade. The K-2 teams have a fixed challenge (i.e., they don't choose and it's called "Rising Stars!"). Then there are Grades 3-5 and 6-8 groups who choose one from five Challenges.

Check out the 2011/2012 Challenge Previews now.



What's it like to do DI?

See the article Stow DI Sweeps Regional Championships
(Stow Independent, 3/23/2011) about the Stow DI team's success last year!

See also Reflections on DI (personal experience of DI from coach's and parent's perspectives).

If you want to hear an inspiring talk on creativity, then check out: Ken Robinson's TED talk: Do schools kill creativity?




Going to Globals

While simply participating in a team is a great reward in itself, the ultimate goal is to make it Globals. Win in the regional competition and you advance to the state challenge. Win in states and you are off to globals! Globals, like the name implies, brings together DI teams not just from around the country but from around the entire world. Teams from many different countries come together to compete in their challenges and bring a wide diversity in ideas, approaches, and cultural views. Globals are held each year in Knoxville, TN and Stow has sent many teams to globals year after year.



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