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Welcome to Stow, MA Destination ImagiNation!
How can I help?

Stow DI is completely self-funded and we rely on generous donations from friends, family, and local institutions to help defray our costs. The kids also pitch in with a series of fund raisers during the year which helps not only raise money but further instill a feeling that they truly earned their successes.In years when we are able to send one or more teams to Globals (typically held in Knoxville, TN) we have travel and lodging costs as well as registration fees.

Please make checks out to "Friends of Stow DI".

Donations can be sent to:

Friends of Stow DI
c/o Karen Wall
P.O. Box 294
Stow, MA 01775


Stow DI is a completely volunteer organization and the administrators and team coaches all put in their time for free, often buying food, props and paying for group trips out of their own pocket as well. Your donations go to a good cause, help our local teams to succeed, and are gratefully appreciated!




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